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Moving 100 mph in the Right Direction

Roadways are without a doubt one of the most important operations in our society, giving us the freedom we need to travel long distances, or just across town. Structured traffic and road designs are efficient techniques that allow the movement of people and goods. In addition to infrastructure, dynamic elements such as sensors that measure traffic flow, and automatic, interconnected guidance systems that help manage traffic, make travel as smooth a process as possible. SET Engineering prioritizes efficiency, not only in our traffic engineering, but in our work ethic. We keep projects moving forward, constantly working towards the end goal, so that our clients and the community can continue moving forward themselves. Contact our civil engineering team in Durango to learn more and begin working with us.




SET Engineering has been providing services to private entities, as well as public entities, in traffic engineering. Our projects reflect our innovation in defining solutions that best meet the overall goals of our clients. We take a personalized approach to projects and always strive to finish them as soon as reasonably possible.

  • Traffic Studies - State department of transportation, and local agency permitting.
  • Traffic Analysis - Video data collection, counts, and turning movements.
  • Access Permitting - Intersection analysis, threshold analysis.

Why Choose SET Engineering?


Increase General and Pedestrian Safety


Resolve Roadway Issues


Address Short-Term and Long-Term Improvements

Ensuring Safe and Efficient Movement

One of the goals of SET Engineering is to ensure the safe and efficient movement of people and goods on roads and highways. Traffic engineering is essential to society because it helps to resolve the issues that prevent the function of smooth, safe, and effective travel. It goes beyond the design and construction of transportation infrastructure, rather, it focuses on implementing functional aspects of road geometry that make traffic flow, like traffic signs, signals, intersection management, and road surface markings.

Our full-service traffic engineering services provided private clients with issues that range from spotting areas of improvement to full traffic designs for larger road projects. Our team carries extensive knowledge in traffic engineering and is highly experienced in research, modeling, auditing, and implementing improvements on urban, inter-urban, and rural roads. Using techniques like speed management, street scapes, multimodal streets, and shared space, we can help our clients with roundabouts and variable message signing to bicycle facilities, traffic coordination, and more.

SET Engineerings’ expertise in traffic engineering extends to assisting clients through tasks like approvals and permits. Our mission is to plan and design creative and balanced transportation solutions while providing excellent customer service. We aim to improve the communities we serve by investing in relationships and designing economically sustainable solutions.

We provide our clients with a roadmap for their projects and pride ourselves in keeping them in the loop every step of the way. We value our clients and strive to uphold our reputation of excellence with all of them. To learn more about us, or to get started on your next project, reach out to our team.